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My investing philosophy mostly centers around the Value discipline and GARP- Growth at a Reasonable Price. This blog includes commentary on market conditions as well as fundamental analysis of specific companies. Graduated from Rhodes College with a degree in Business with concentration in Finance & Marketing. Currently working on obtaining the CFA designation. Previously worked in Mortgage Trading for a major bank. Use MS Excel extensively for developing investment models, notably valuation models based on DCF methods.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Festival of Stocks #90 @ Circle of Competence

This week’s 90th edition of the Festival of Stocks is at Circle of Competence. Be sure to check out this week’s articles!

My article Authentidate Remains Undervalued was included in this week’s edition.

I recommend taking a look at some of the posts on Circle of Competence. It’s a new blog launched by Jeff Annello a couple months ago, and he has written some terrific material in short time. Mr. Annello focuses on Value Investing and its icons, such as Warren Buffett.

You can catch up on past editions by visiting the Festival of Stocks homepage. There you can also find out how to submit an article for next week’s Festival or learn about how you can volunteer to host an edition of the Festival of Stocks on your own blog.


debt consolidation unsecured said...

I have been following Circle of Compete's articles but I'm wondering why you have not updated your blog as of yet. Looking forward to read your articles.

Turley M Muller said...

I don't post as frequently as I would like, or should, but I am currently working on several articles due out shortly, so stay tuned! and thanks for reading!

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