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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Festival of Stocks #76 @ StockMasters

This week’s 76th edition of the Festival of Stocks is at The StockMasters. Be sure to check out this weeks articles!

My article Starbuck's Valuation: A Few Thoughts was included in this week’s edition.

You can catch up on past editions by visiting the Festival of Stocks homepage. There you can also find out how to submit an article for next week’s Festival or learn about how you can volunteer to host an edition of the Festival of Stocks on your own blog.


john said...

how the hell do you do this festival of stocks or carnival of whatever crap?

I tried a few weeks back and submitted an article when intelligent speculator was hosting, but I just wasted my precious time.

Just wondering why I might have been dissed?

Turley M Muller said...


Hmm... sounds like you got screwed. I never have had any problem. Try again and see what happens.

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